Communication Strategies for Leaders

Communication Strategies for Leaders


The Apple Inc. on 29th October 2012 made a major announcement touching on the changes the giant company would put in place so as to increase its collaboration in the world class software, hardware and services teams. The company’s CEO Tim Cook made the announcements via emails where all the personnel of the company were sent emails informing them of the major organizational changes the company had undertook.  The changes basically revolved around the executive management team where managers like Craig Federighi, Eddy Cue, Bob Mansfield, and Jony Ive were added further responsibilities on top of their existing roles. Furthermore, Cook acknowledged that the first class products the company had rolled out that month and the previous one such as iPod nano, iPod touch, iPad, iOS 6, iPhone 5, and MacBook were the fruits of unrelenting focus of the company’s corporate strategy of always incorporating world-class software, hardware, and services (Guglielmo 2012).

Email has turned out to be a widely employed form of company communication and it has been recognized overall for being a highly effectual communication tool. Emails can be sent across many networks as long as the sender has the receiver’s email address and that’s what Tim Cook the Apple Inc. CEO used so as to communicate the changes he was impacting on the major consumer electronic company. This form of communication though eliminates the issue of one on one communication but it was very effective since it has the following advantages. Communicating via email is approximately instant as it merely needs an internet link which is spread out within the organization, and this enhances faster communication between the CEO and the rest of the human resources. This form of communication is inexpensive and thus the company avoided extreme costs which come along with other forms of communication like the use of TV. Also, this type of communication was most effective for the company since it is not affected by time zones or geographic barriers and therefore all the employees of the company around the globe received the CEOs communication update immediately in spite of their respective locations (Acevedo n.d.). Therefore, the company chose quite an effective form of communication.

Communicating a major change in quite vital and requires the best form of communication to ensure that the human resources get the message properly and also for the communicate to gauge the people’s reaction to the announcement. Therefore, to communicate a major organizational change, I would employ the face to face communication format. Face to face meetings or rather conferencing is known to be the best form of communication when it comes to breaking major announcements as the messenger is able to access how his/her message has been received by the personnel.  In an organization, there are all sorts of people ranging from those human resources who are always contented by integrating organizational changes within the organization and there are those who are adamant or rather reluctant to such announcements. Therefore, I would deploy face to face form of communication. The people receiving the announcement will get the accurate message being passed through and they will be able to make any further clarifications concerning the announcement.

Moreover, thorough implementation of the change is required within the organization and for it to become a success, each and every personnel must have clear knowledge of the changes to be impacted and therefore, through one on one interaction with them, one is able to clarify how important the change is to the whole organization. Consequently, this form of communication would ensure that the personnel takes serious everything entailing the organizational changes on the organization since they have seen how the leader is dedicated at delivering an announcement to them directly to them and thus they will take up the changes positively and help in implementing them fully.


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